The Dish: The Bangin’ Chicken Cutlet Sandwich from Collegeville Italian Bakery

We are heading to a fan favorite in Montgomery County to find out how to make one of their best sellers: The “bangin’ cutlet” sandwich. Last year, the Collegeville Italian Bakery sold a record amount. “40,000 sandwiches – just the bangin’ cutlet alone,” says owner Patrizia Carcarey. We came to find out just how it got its name as we start with the star: the chicken cutlet. “The cutlet has to be filleted nice and thin,” Patrizia says. “That is key. You want it thin, you want it crispy.” She says you want it to thin that you get four or five cutlets from one chicken breast. Next, give the cutlet a little dip in an egg wash and then dredge in breadcrumbs. “We use our homemade breadcrumbs,” Patrizia says. “That makes the difference – our bread. We sell them here.” Now, fry on a hot pan with olive oil. Because the cutlet is so thin, it gets golden quickly. Patrizia says the smell of frying cutlets is comforting like a hug and reminds her of her late mother, Lina, who passed…..

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