Denzel Washington Stars in New ‘Gladiator II’ Trailer

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Denzel Washington steps into ancient times with his latest role in the newly released trailer for “Gladiator II.”

At age 69, the celebrated Oscar-winning actor portrays Macrinus, a prominent figure who manages a group of gladiators. The sequel to “Gladiator,” directed by Ridley Scott, is set to be released in theaters on November 22. The film promises to continue the dramatic tale of ambition, conspiracy, and revenge in the ancient Roman setting, as detailed in an official press release.

The storyline follows Paul Mescal’s character, Lucius, who after seeing the heroic Maximus die, finds himself compelled to fight in the Colosseum when his home falls under the rule of despotic leaders of Rome. Fueled by anger and with the empire’s fate hanging in the balance, Lucius must draw from his past to muster the valor needed to restore Rome’s grandeur.

In the trailer, Washington’s characteristic laughter is prominent as he informs Lucius that he will be his “tool” in this endeavor. Washington’s voiceover looms over a series of dramatic scenes, stating, “The greatest temple Rome ever built.

The Colosseum. Because this is what they believe in — power.”

Ridley Scott, in a Vanity Fair interview, described Washington’s character as a wealthy arms dealer involved in various trades from the military supply chain to luxury goods. Scott illustrated Macrinus’s wealth and power by comparing his collection of gladiators to owning racehorses and even humorously mentioned equipping him with a gold-plated chariot instead of a golden Ferrari.

Scott also noted that Macrinus can be quite harsh to those in the arena, adding a layer of brutality to the character’s opulence.

In additional footage from the trailer, a conversation between Washington and Mescal showcases their deep involvement in the empire’s politics with Washington humorously remarking on the implausibility of overthrowing the entire Roman army, yet teasing the potential downfall of Rome with just a little effort.

The intriguing trailer is available for viewing below.

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