Israel-Gaza Conflict: Devastating Toll on Palestinians as Israel Retaliates Against Hamas

  • Israel’s retaliation against Hamas incursion in Gaza has resulted in at least 1,055 Palestinian deaths and 5,186 injuries, while Israel has suffered at least 1,200 deaths and 2,900 injuries.
  • Palestinians in Gaza lack bomb shelters and options for evacuation, raising concerns about their safety amid Israeli airstrikes.
  • The conflict has led to the destruction of homes and refugee camps, displacing over 123,000 people and leaving hospitals struggling to treat the injured. The blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt further limits movement and access for those in Gaza.

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In response to an incursion from Hamas terrorists, Israel has launched hundreds of strikes on targets in Gaza. Palestinian officials report that at least 1,055 people have died and 5,186 have been injured in Gaza since Saturday. In Israel, at least 1,200 people have been killed and 2,900 injured. ABC News reporters James Longman, Matt Gutman, and Ian Pannell discuss the devastating toll of the conflict, the plight of Israelis and Palestinians caught in the middle, and what the future holds.

Palestinians in Gaza are living in fear as Israel retaliates against Hamas. They have nowhere to go and no bomb shelters to protect them from airstrikes. Israeli forces targeted the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza twice in two days. Laila El-Haddad, a Palestinian-American living in Maryland, expresses concern about the lack of options for Palestinians in Gaza to evacuate. Crossing into Israel is not a viable choice for many. Jason Shawa, a Palestinian living in Gaza, says that leaving Gaza is restricted even during normal times.

The United Nations reports that hundreds of apartments and homes have been destroyed in Gaza, including refugee camps, leaving over 123,000 people displaced. More than 73,000 people are seeking shelter in schools, while hospitals struggle to treat the injured. Shawa, who lives close to the city center where much of the shelling occurs, has taken in five other families in his basement for safety. He describes the constant danger and fear experienced by his family and the people of Gaza.

Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has announced that all food, fuel, electricity, and other necessities will be blocked from entering Gaza. Shawa explains that Israel strictly controls everything consumed in Gaza, resulting in unbearable living conditions and shortages of essential items. The land, sea, and air blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt under Hamas’ rule severely limits movement and access for the people of Gaza, according to the United Nations.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is rooted in centuries-old disputes over land ownership. El-Haddad shares her personal experience of her childhood home in Gaza being destroyed by Israeli bombings. She describes Gaza as a pressure cooker and questions how anyone can tolerate such conditions. El-Haddad believes that rather than wondering why this conflict is happening, people should be asking how anyone can endure such circumstances. Ultimately, she emphasizes that the loss of human life is tragic and should never be justified.

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