Israeli Music Festival Terror Attack Claims the Life of Brazilian Student, Bruna Valeanu, as Death Toll Rises

  • Brazilian student Bruna Valeanu was among the victims of the Hamas attack at the Supernova music festival in Israel.
  • Valeanu’s family initially worried about a lack of attendees for her funeral, but social media helped thousands show up to pay their respects.
  • The death toll from the attack is at least 260, with officials expecting it to rise, and the conflict has resulted in casualties on both sides.

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A Brazilian student named Bruna Valeanu, who had recently moved to Israel, was among the hundreds of people killed in a Hamas militant attack at the Supernova music festival in southern Israel. Valeanu’s family, who are newcomers to the country, were unsure if they would be able to hold a prayer service for her funeral due to a lack of attendees. They turned to social media for help and were overwhelmed by the tens of thousands of people who showed up to pay their respects.

One attendee of the prayer service shared their experience, mentioning that there was heavy traffic heading to the cemetery. They initially thought it was due to multiple funerals but soon realized that everyone was there for Bruna Valeanu’s service. The death toll from the music festival attack was at least 260 with officials expecting it to rise. Witnesses reported that the attack seemingly came out of nowhere, with rockets followed by gunshots.

Valeanu’s sister, Nathalia, revealed that Bruna had become separated from her friends at the festival and was in a dangerous location where terrorists were heavily armed. Some festival-goers, including a student named Noa Argamani, were taken hostage by Hamas. Images of Argamani’s capture circulated on social media, deeply worrying her father. Another attendee, Laor Abramov, was reported missing by his parents and they haven’t heard from him since the attack.

The death toll in Israel has reached thousands since Hamas initiated the attack, and Israel has launched airstrikes on Gaza, resulting in thousands of casualties in that area as well.

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