Miss Thailand Embraces Authenticity and Happiness Beyond the Crown

  • Miss Thailand reveals in an interview that she feels happier and more comfortable without makeup and glamorous outfits, prioritizing her authenticity and self-assurance.
  • Miss Nicaragua is crowned the winner of the Miss Universe pageant, with Miss Thailand named first runner-up, marking Thailand’s highest placement since 1988.
  • Miss Thailand may assume the winner’s duties if Miss Nicaragua is unable to fulfill them, showcasing the importance of embracing one’s true self and recognizing the humanity of beauty queens.

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Miss Thailand, Anntonia Porsild, recently shared in an interview that she feels much happier when she can be herself at home without all the makeup and glamorous outfits associated with being a beauty queen. The 27-year-old made this revelation during a conversation with content creator Luis Portelles, which was uploaded onto his YouTube channel. Porsild expressed that she doesn’t care about people’s opinions and feels more comfortable and confident in her own skin. She emphasized that while makeup and clothes can boost her confidence as a beauty queen, she doesn’t want her self-assurance to depend on external factors. Porsild prefers to wear minimal makeup to show that beauty queens are just like any other person. She wants people to remember that they are humans and do ordinary things in their daily lives.

During the Miss Universe 2023 pageant held on Saturday in El Salvador, Miss Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios, was crowned the winner, and Anntonia Porsild was named the first runner-up. This is a significant achievement for Thailand, as it is their highest placement in the Miss Universe pageant since 1988.

If for any reason Palacios is unable to fulfill her duties as the winner, Porsild, as the first runner-up, will take her place, following the rules of the pageant.

It is refreshing to see Miss Thailand embrace her authentic self and prioritize her happiness and comfort. This serves as a reminder that beauty queens are not only glamorous figures but also real people who have their own personal lives.

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