Pence Criticizes RNC Platform, Calls It ‘Profound Disappointment’

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Former Vice President Mike Pence criticized the Republican National Committee’s revised stance on abortion, expressing strong disapproval after GOP leaders decided against backing a national abortion ban. In a statement from his group, Advancing American Freedom, Pence described the updated RNC platform as deeply unsatisfactory to many pro-life Republicans who traditionally see the Republican Party as a champion of anti-abortion causes.

On Monday, the RNC chose a new platform that suggests abortion regulations be determined by individual states, aligning more closely with the position held by former President Donald Trump. This move has been met with backlash, including from Pence, who described the decision as a betrayal to pro-life values.

Pence’s critique on Tuesday indirectly targeted Trump by asserting that the right to life transcends state jurisdiction and encompasses a broader moral dimension that the party must address. He emphasized that the issue requires continued moral clarity and compassion.

The tension between Pence and Trump has become more apparent, notably since Pence has maintained a distance from Trump following their time in office together and did not support Trump’s bid for the 2024 presidential election, after Pence himself ran unsuccessfully.

Pence, last month, reiterated his support for a federal prohibition on abortion, implicitly criticizing Trump’s decentralized approach as a significant injustice. He argued that now is not the time for the Republican Party to relent in its pro-life advocacy.

With the RNC’s platform revisions set for ratification next week, Pence called on convention delegates to reinstate language that underscores the inherent right to life of unborn children.

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