Travis Kelce Thanks Taylor Swift for Putting Him “On the Map” in Recent Podcast Episode

  • Travis Kelce expresses gratitude to Taylor Swift for helping him gain recognition, as depicted in artwork shared on the “New Heights” podcast.
  • Travis and Taylor’s relationship has grown since they were first linked in September, with Taylor attending Chiefs games and Travis bonding with her father.
  • As the Eagles prepare to play the Chiefs, Taylor’s parents will be present, emphasizing the importance of blending their families as their relationship becomes more serious.

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Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, expressed his gratitude to girlfriend Taylor Swift for helping him become well-known. During a bonus episode of the “New Heights” podcast, Travis and his brother Jason showed off artwork from fans. One drawing depicted the brothers hugging and wearing shirts with inside jokes. Jason’s shirt read “Happy Centers’ Day Feb. 30” while Travis’ shirt said “On the Map” with a picture of his face above a map of the United States. The brothers playfully bantered about the holiday names mentioned on their shirts.

Travis appreciated the effort put into the artwork and gave a shoutout to Taylor for including him in the running joke of being “on the map” since dating her. The joke stems from fans jokingly claiming that Swift made Travis famous.

Travis and Taylor were first linked in September, after Travis attended Taylor’s concert in Kansas City. He expressed his disappointment at not being able to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number. However, they eventually connected and Taylor attended her first Chiefs game this fall. She has since supported Travis at four NFL games and has met his parents. Travis has also spent time bonding with Taylor’s dad, Scott Swift.

The Eagles, for whom Jason plays, are set to play against the Chiefs in a rematch of the 2023 Super Bowl. While it’s uncertain if Taylor will attend the game, it has been confirmed that her parents will be there. The insider shared that it’s important for Taylor and Travis to have their families blend seamlessly as their relationship gets more serious. Taylor will try to fit the game into her busy schedule because being there when their parents meet is important to her.

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