US Secretary of Defense predicts more aggressive Ukrainian fight against Russia as concerns arise over future military aid

  • Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin expresses support for Ukraine and predicts a more aggressive fight against Russian invaders by Ukrainian forces during the winter.
  • Concerns arise in Ukraine about the future of U.S. military aid, as some Republicans call for its halt.
  • The supply of weapons to Ukraine faces additional pressure due to the conflict in the Middle East, with some U.S. stocks designated for Ukraine being diverted to Israel.

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During a surprise visit to Ukraine, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin expressed support for Ukraine and predicted that Ukrainian forces would be more aggressive in their fight against Russian invaders during the winter. This comes after Ukrainian forces were unable to make significant progress in their counteroffensive over the past six months. However, there are concerns in Ukraine about the future of U.S. military aid, with some Republicans calling for its halt.

Austin appealed to Congress to approve additional funding, stating that it would be a wise investment in U.S. security. He emphasized the importance of preventing a dictator from annexing the territory of a peaceful neighbor. The ability of Ukraine to continue fighting depends largely on the continuation of U.S. military aid, including ammunition.

The Biden administration is working with Congress to secure a broader funding deal that would provide additional support for Ukraine. However, the supply of weapons is facing additional pressure due to the conflict in the Middle East. Ukrainian officials have reported a significant decrease in U.S. deliveries of artillery shells since the start of Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza. These shells are crucial for Ukraine’s fight against Russian forces, and some U.S. stocks designated for Ukraine have been diverted to Israel.

U.S. officials have previously claimed that the supply of munitions to Israel would not impact the war in Ukraine, but Ukrainian officials dispute this. They state that these shells make up a significant portion of Ukraine’s overall supply. A senior U.S. defense official denied any connection between the reduction in munitions and the situation in Gaza.

During his visit to Ukraine, Austin announced a new $100 million security aid package, which includes NATO-standard artillery shells. However, this aid is being drawn from existing funding that is already running low. The Pentagon remains confident that it can support both Ukraine and Israel.

Despite receiving weaponry from Western partners, Russia maintains several battlefield advantages over Ukraine, including more artillery firepower, explosive attack drones, fighter jets, and attack helicopters. Russian forces have recently launched significant attacks on Ukrainian positions, and the war is considered to be at a stalemate.

Austin reassured Ukrainian troops that they will have the means to be successful in fighting during the winter. However, there are concerns among Ukrainian officials about the availability of weapons supplies, particularly if there is a disagreement in Congress. The official warned that Ukraine could lose its position on the battlefield at a high cost.

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