Warriors Coach Kerr Chooses Heart Over Court in Emotional Serbia Journey

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In a somber gathering that crossed continents and defied the elements, the Golden State Warriors’ community came together to pay their final respects to assistant coach Dejan Milojević. Known affectionately as Deky, Milojević was laid to rest in his home country of Serbia, leaving a palpable void in the hearts of many within the basketball world. His sudden departure brought together figures from across the NBA, highlighting not just his impact on the game but also the deep connections formed off the court.

Dejan Milojević’s funeral took place in Serbia on a rain-soaked Monday, marking the end of an era for both his family and the Warriors’ organization. In a poignant display of solidarity and respect, Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, made the long journey to Serbia. Despite the dreary weather, Kerr was spotted wearing a pin as a tribute to Milojević, underscoring the deep bond the two shared. This gesture was more than a sign of mourning; it was a testament to the influence Milojević had on those around him.

The funeral was not just a moment for family and local friends to say their goodbyes; it also saw the attendance of former Warriors players Zaza Pachulia and Mike Dunleavy Jr. Their presence served as a bridge between Milojević’s past contributions and the ongoing legacy of the Warriors, showcasing the lasting relationships cultivated within the team.

Steve Kerr’s decision to attend the funeral despite the logistical challenges spoke volumes about his priorities. This meant he would miss the Warriors’ upcoming game against the Jazz in Utah, a significant decision given the competitive nature of the NBA. Yet, for Kerr and the Warriors, it was a necessary sacrifice to honor a beloved colleague’s memory.

Dejan Milojević joined the Golden State Warriors’ coaching staff in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of basketball knowledge and an infectious passion for the game. His impact was immediate and profound, leaving a mark not just on strategy and player development, but on the personal lives of those he worked with.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver also offered his condolences, recognizing the loss felt by Milojević’s family and the broader NBA family. Silver’s acknowledgment underscored the depth of Milojević’s influence within the league and the communal sense of loss at his passing.

In a tribute to their fallen coach, the Warriors announced they would be wearing Milojević’s initials on their jerseys. This gesture of remembrance will serve as a constant reminder of his spirit and dedication, keeping his memory alive each time the team steps onto the court.

Steve Kerr’s journey to Serbia, amid his professional obligations, was lauded by many as a profound act of respect and loyalty. In the face of loss, the Warriors community has shown an incredible sense of unity and compassion, embodying the values that Dejan Milojević espoused. As the Warriors continue their season, they carry not just the legacy of their accomplishments but the memory of a coach who profoundly shaped their journey.

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